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    Monday, November 21, 2011

    Take It Easy Restorative Yoga Session

    It's that time of year when things get really busy, people get on your nerves, and colds and flu start making the rounds.  When you are super busy, and your body and mind are exhausted, it's a good time for restorative yoga.  The goal is to promote rest and calmness while stimulating your lymphatic system.

    For even more benefit, practice pratyahara, sense withdrawal.  As you do each pose, concentrate on relaxing each and every part of your body and feeling your breath move through your whole body.  Become absorbed in what you are doing and feeling instead of letting anything distract you.  Unless something is an emergency, just let it be and deal with it later.  You will learn to become less reactive and begin to understand that many things that we think need our attention actually don't.  You end up saving more energy for the things in life where it is needed.

    Begin in Supported Child's Pose:

    Cat/Cow moving with the breath:

    Supported Half Down Dog:

    Supported Standing Straddle:

    Gate Pose:  

    Staff Pose:  
    Smile during your yoga practice--don't take yourself too seriously!

    Forward Fold, being sure to take it easy.  

    Twist, broaden the collarbones, be gentle: 

    Reclining Supported Twist:  


    Hump the bolster pose...JK!  This is Supported Inverted Reclining Bound Angle to gently open the hips:    

    Supported Reclining Bound Angle:  

    Supported Bridge--backs of the shoulders and all of shoulder blades on the floor:  

    Legs Up the Wall:  

    You can end in Corpse Pose or you can end after Legs Up the Wall.  If you are on your period, skip the last 2 poses.  

    Here are some other resources to get you through the holidays:

    Breathing Exercise  Be sure and check out the audio version at the bottom of the page!

    My bolster is hand made from Inner Space Yoga.  Bolsters are great to have for restorative practice!  

    My sweatshirt is from Soulflower--if you're looking for some cool gifts for yogis this year, be sure and check them out!


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