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    Monday, January 16, 2012

    Playful Standing Poses Sequence

    My motto is "Relax, Breathe, Play."  As life takes its toll, we often get really uptight, take shallow breaths, and forget how to be playful.  When I get yoga students in class, they are often sooooo serious.  We are only living for such a short time, why not use it to be more playful!  It's yoga poses--it's movement, which is fun and relaxing, so lighten up and have fun!  

    So, in this series of poses, I'd like to help you invoke the relaxed and playful you.  As you move through this sequence of poses, there are only a few directions:  In each pose think: relax, breathe, and play.  There are often all of these yoga cues that you hear in class, and that I tell you in my videos, but just let those go for now.  Let go of the thinking mind.  Feel the pose in your body.  Don't worry about the shape of the pose or emulating what I am doing in the photos, just feel the pose for you.  If a pose hurts you, back out and move in a range of motion in which you can relax, breathe, and play.  

    Also, hold the poses for however long you want.  Do what feels good to you.  There are no rules!  

    Upward Arms Pose with a backbend.  Do one that feels good to you!

    Tree Pose One Side
    Balance, laugh!
    Tree Pose Other Side

    Warrior 2 Pose and flow into

    Reverse Warrior and flow into
    Flow, Breathe!
     Extended Side Angle  and flow into

    Half Moon

    Come down to Mountain Pose and repeat the sequence on the other side. 
    Warrior 1 Pose and flow into 

    Intense Side Stretch Pose and flow into

    Warrior 3 Pose--don't worry about how far you do or don't get in a pose!  The journey is the destination!

    Repeat the sequence to the other side.  Now you can continue with more yoga postures of your liking or come down into Childs Pose and then move into Corpse Pose for naptime!
    By finding a state of relaxation, of full breathing, and of playfulness, you will find freedom.

    This sequence was shot in the Waves of Freedom Pants from Soulflower on the West Fork of the Pigeon River in Pisgah National Forest of North Carolina.

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