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    Wednesday, March 16, 2011

    Praise the Effort, Not the Reward

    In our society, we have this ugly dichotomy that on the one hand says that you can do anything, and then when you do it, if you're not the best at it, then you're just not good enough.  I have always wondered about it and in the following article a writer and a psychologist explain the situation.

    I am stoked that I have had to work hard in my life for everything I have achieved--I am not naturally good at anything and the hard work is the reward for me.  I have a "growth mindset," but it has taken some work to even have that--learning to turn off the media, avoid negative people, and combat negative self talk.

    Don't let society fool you into being stuck or thinking you suck.  Don't worry about your swim or your fall--just get back up and try try again!  That is what I keep doing--my sweetest successes have come after huge failures.

    If you are into sports and/or have kids, this is a must read!  Here is the article from Women's Adventure:
    A is for Effort

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