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    Thursday, March 10, 2011

    A Review of "Yoga for Shoulders"

    Making a yoga video is really tough.  First, I have to decide what all I can fit in there--I have to usually cut down my material tons and then think of how to put it all together so that it will be simple to the end user.  Then I have to figure out how I will say each cue so that the user can understand.  While I did practice for years on my yoga students before I made this video, once the video was finished, I wondered if I made any sense.  I wondered if the structure and the language were useful or confusing.  So, the first thing I did was send off the video to the very groups of people that I was targeting with this video:  active people who may or may not already do yoga.  I thought Tali from the Cupcake  Mafia blog would be perfect because she is an active outdoors girl who happens to be in yoga teacher training.  A teacher in training is perfect because they are being taught to be critical of other teachers and I wanted an honest opinion.  It helps me tremendously to hear that she understood the structure of the video and that the very purpose is to slow you down in your yoga practice and pay more attention to the process.  That is the only way to heal.  Thanks so much to Tali for taking the time to be thorough with my DVD and give a review that is super helpful to me and to you:

    Review: Yoga for Shoulders with Andria Davis, RYT by Tali of the Cupcake Mafia blog. 

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