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    Thursday, May 21, 2009


    Well, I did it--I created drama in a community for one of the first times in my adult life.  I have tended to avoid it.  But, I think all situations can be an opportunity for self growth.  It really is so important to turn each and everything into something positive.  So, remember if you get mad at someone or you are judging someone or something bad happens to you, turn it around and look inward.  Figure out what inside you created it.  Self inquiry is the magic of life.  Don't bury yourself in it, though--remember to balance.  Figure it out, see it, then let it go, and move on. Inner strength is created through your ability to see yourself as you are and your ability to forgive yourself, change it, and move forward with your life.  

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    1. I totally understand this. When you wrote the guilt, etc, for signing up for events and then not going, you could have described me. I can't tell you how many races, etc. I've signed up for only to realize that I'd rather do something else at the last minute. It's hard to find balance.