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    Thursday, May 21, 2009

    Who am I?

    It's the ultimate question and one I have been pondering since I was too young to wonder about such things.  I have always been very philosophical and spiritual, yet also very physical and outdoorzy.  As I grew, my life and interests took me in many directions, but one day stands out in particular.  In my first yoga class, I knew that was my calling in life--to teach yoga.  It took me many more years and adventures to come back around to it, but here I am today living my dream.  But my dream has evolved--in the process of life, I have also found a love for outdoor adventures, whitewater kayaking in particular.  I never would have dreamed I would be strong and confident enough to be the athlete that I am today.  But it was all made possible through the self inquiry and growth that is available to us through a yoga practice.  It doesn't matter where you are in a practice--don't let all the hype get to you.  All you have to do is observe yourself from wherever you are.  Think about your toes and know that you will have found enlightenment when you are no longer looking for it, but you are truly intrigued by your toes--or if you don't have those--substitute something else, like maybe, lightening bugs. 

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